Want to hide your personal photo and video on your phone?….. Use this app….. Super Tricks….!!!

There are quite a few app applications on the web to hide your private and secret images and videos on smartphone, it is better to choose the suitable and best app applications among them. Android smartphones have a lot of security features, but some require built-in apps to hide personal files and videos.

It is very good to keep the necessary files safe while servicing the smartphone, accordingly it is worth noting that Google play store has many app applications to hide images and files, videos.

Method-1: Download Dialer Vault from Google Play Store

Method-2: After that install Dialer Wallet app on your smartphone, they contain information on how to use this app. Next click on grant permission.

Method-3: Also there will be a security question, which you have to answer accordingly and login. After that a 4-digit pin number should be entered in them, it is noted that the app can be used with this pin number.

Method-4: Next Dialer wallet app has some settings to hide photo, video, audio, files etc. on the front side, you can hide your documents with them.

Method-5: The Settings section of the Dialer Wallet app has various options, including lock screen, hide app icon, break-in-alerts, etc. It is worth noting that this app has a usage rate for call calls.