Whatsapp to have Transcription feature ; here is the details


WhatsApp also noted that the messenger app will use the speech recognition feature of the phone to transcribe the voice message.

WhatsApp introduced voice messaging feature way back in 2013. Since then, it has grown in popularity in all age groups. In India, non-tech-savvy senior citizens prefer this feature than typing texts on the messenger.
Now, more than seven billion voice messages are exchanged on WhatsApp every day worldwide. Now, the Meta-owned company is planning to introduce the transcription option to the voice messaging feature. This new option is now available on the latest A…

Whatsapp transcription

This is in the testing phase and, testers have to download a 150MB update to get the transcription option. In order to transcribe a voice note, users will need to down ..

In order to transcribe a voice note, users will need to download approximately 150MB of new app data to enable end-to-end encrypted transcriptions. WhatsApp will utilise the device’s speech recognition capabilities to generate transcripts, ensuring that the transcription process takes place locally on the user’s device to uphold end-to-end encryption and safeguard user privacy.

Whatsapp transcription feature

After the additional package is downloaded, WhatsApp will seamlessly integrate transcriptions into message bubbles, facilitating easy reading of voice messages even in scenarios where audio playback is not feasible. “This feature not only enhances accessibility for users with hearing impairments but also caters to users in noisy environments or situations where listening to audio may not be feasible. In addition, users will have the convenience of transcribing voice messages when they receive lengthy voice notes, which they may not have the time or inclination to listen to in their entirety,” adds the report.