Shouldn’t anyone pick up your phone calls?… Then do this immediately…. Try this Tricks…!!!

If you get a phone call while watching a video on your phone, chances are you’re enjoying a video experience on your phone. Your video experience is wasted until a phone call comes in and automatically hangs up or declines. If you get a phone call, the video won’t play, so you have to face many inconveniences and sometimes you want to avoid wasting your video watching experience with unnecessary phone calls.

This article is dedicated to those who feel that it would be nice to get better help in this matter. Call Touch Lock for Video app in this website article was found by Play Store. Our website team has recommended many apps and due to such demand, we spent a lot of time to select the best app among all and found this call touch lock for video app. It is available to us on Google’s official website, so use it, download and use it.

Also, all information related to this application is collected by play store and given below with photos, see them clearly, this is for you. This may change in the future, please note that this information is collected as of the date of publication of this article.

Call Touch Lock for videos (such as YouTube videos) and videos that touch the screen with music. It prevents touching music and videos. You can lock your touch screen. This app works when you don’t want to click on the touch screen. You can turn it on or off as you wish from the notification bar. The app blocks clicks for other apps. Provides easy parental control. Locks at the touch of a button.

If you want to lock and restrict access to other apps and prevent them from touching tube videos, the app locking feature will fulfill your demands.

How does it work?

This app allows you to split incoming phone calls while you’re watching a video, ensuring your video experience isn’t spoiled.

How to install this app?

To install this app you can go to the home page of play store, the path to get this app is in our website article, for that you have to travel below, the article is waiting for you.