Is it difficult to split a video while putting a status on Whatsapp?….. Download this app…. very easy to do this….!!!!

Nowadays many people are interested in uploading status videos on social media platforms in general. There is a certain size to fit these status videos, beyond which it is difficult to sustain a large video. But everyone knows that best status experience can only be achieved by watching a large video, but still there is a need for some Status Cut apps that can cut and fit a 20 to 30 second video into a large video beautifully.

Cut your long videos into stories and share them on social media! Story Cutter & Status Cut is specially designed for Instagram Story, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp Status. Story Cutter lets you split your long videos into stories so that they can be shared across all social media platforms (even on WhatsApp). Record or select a video from the gallery of any length! Story Cutter is built for content creators who want to easily share their long videos.

Share and post your entire stories by splitting long videos into 30-second videos or custom duration videos. No need to use multiple apps to share videos to update your WhatsApp status. With Video Splitter, you can split your videos and update status directly or post on WhatsApp and other social media. Video splitter works offline so this app doesn’t waste or need data.

Split/trim videos for WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and more. Video Splitter splits your videos with simple instructions and saves the files to your phone’s storage (gallery). Video Splitter/Slicer keeps original quality of video after processing.

+ Very useful when you need to share large videos in small parts on social networks.
+ Custom split option allows you to split videos to desired length.
+ Option to set duration manually.
+ Single split option gives you amazing video level cutter.
+ Video Splitter offers the possibility to split videos at the desired size.
+ Split video memory into file memory.
+ Organize your video on your device
+ Split the video into any parts based on the duration you set for each part.
+ Preview the video result directly from the app.
+ No watermark on the output.
+ Share single or multiple videos directly from the app.
+ No time limit in ‘Video Splitter’.