If you don’t know how to open it on your mobile, can’t it be opened?… Then try this app…. Best Android App…..!!!!

Mobile is the most important thing that carries 99 percent of human information, and in that mobile, human stores information that can be carried everywhere. But locking that phone causes some distraction. Thus, his information and secrets are easily revealed to others. Due to this he loses strength and loses many important things, the best chance to avoid this is given in this article.

That means you can lock your phone in another way so that no one can find it. Place a photo and touch the key points on that photo to unlock your mobile. Image touch lock screen is very special thing, only your photo will appear on home screen to viewers, that photo is selected by you and this special opportunity is available to you through play store. Such photo touch screen lock application related information, photos and download opportunity is provided in this website article, use it.

You must have used many screen locks to use a screen lock on your phone, but the screen lock that we are going to tell you about in this post is absolutely amazing. This is a touch lock screen app. If you put this lock on your phone and then unlock your phone in front of someone, no one can guess your phone password. So, let’s know how to put this lock on our phone?

What is Touch Lock Screen App?

Touch Lock Screen is one of the best screen lock app. This app makes your mobile security much stronger. If you want to keep your phone data safe and make your phone screen lock strong then this app is for you. This app provides the facility to touch lock your phone.

How to use touch lock on your phone?


  • Using this lock is very easy. You can use this app in a very simple way.
  • First download this app from play store. Touch Lock Screen – Photo Lock
  • After that install the app on your phone and open it now.
  • After this, you need to allow certain permissions for this app.
  • Now you go to photo gallery and select any photo according to you.
  • Now you can apply lock on this photo yourself.
  • After applying a lock to a photo, you should create a backup password by default.