If your mobile memory is full?… you can get 100gb of free storage in your mobile…. do you know how?…!!!

As digital content becomes more complex, the need for large file storage grows with it. However, a conventional hard drive still holds very little data. Cloud computing is here to save tomorrow, even as it brings new ways to store large files online.

Back up your phone’s storage to the cloud with the Cloud Drive app! Now, you get free 100 GB cloud storage where you can upload your data storage including photo storage and video storage. Back up all your storage to the cloud in seconds. Cloud Storage App is an amazing all-in-one cloud app. With our secure cloud drive features, you can back up photos and videos to cloud storage. This Cloud Backup Assistant helps you backup your data to 2T Drive Cloud. Downloading photos from the cloud app is easy. All data in cloud backup is safe and secure.

Download all data storage anytime anywhere on your device. With the quick download feature, you can get your photos, videos and documents back on any device in seconds. Allow access to copy my data and all personal data will be stored in secure cloud storage in a secure and encrypted format. Cloud Drive app allows you to create 100 GB free cloud backup where you can store all your data storage in cloud storage.  This cloud backup app is not a contacts backup or SMS backup app because it creates a complete backup of your phone in the cloud.

Cloud Backup:

Create phone backup in one click with Quick Backup. Easy Data Storage Backup Assistant helps you to backup all data and store it safely in cloud drive. Keep all your memories like photos, videos, SMS safe in cloud app with this cloud storage app.

Download data from cloud storage:

You can easily download data from cloud storage and share it with anyone. Download all data or selected files anywhere anytime. This cloud backup app will download all your phone content in seconds.

Cloud Storage:

Easy Cloud Backup Assistant helps you to save phone backup to cloud storage safely. Easy download from cloud app with one click. Your backup data in cloud storage is in encrypted form and no one but you can access it.

Free 100 GB Space:

The cloud backup app gives you 100 GB of free cloud storage. Easy Backup Assistant allows you to create a backup of contacts, SMS, photos & videos, documents and more on file storage, cloud storage. If your data exceeds the free 100 GB storage, you can subscribe to our premium plan to get more storage.

Application Lock:

Cloud storage app has this amazing and unique app lock feature. You can hide images behind this app lock, lock videos, apps and documents easily. No one can access the cloud app without adding a password that only you set.

Features of Cloud Drive app:

• Backup all data to cloud storage quickly and easily
• Download your data anytime anywhere
• Cloud storage keeps your photos, videos and apps safe and secure
• Back up contacts, backed up pictures & videos without losing them
• Free 100 GB data storage
• Easily share and transfer data to others

Download cloud storage apps and protect your pictures and videos in cloud backup. Get free 100 GB storage and fast backup