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If you use multiple options, applications, etc. on your phone and you find it overwhelming trying to access one thing at once, we can help you get out of this and get things done quickly. For example, when you are riding a bike or traveling in a bus, the body cannot be given much movement, and in such moments we have to handle the mobile with one hand.

In that scenario, while trying to open an application or get someone’s contact number, it can be found after tapping the mobile screen several times. This causes a lot of inconvenience, so we want to give everyone a better freedom from this problem and a chance to have a better experience on mobile. It is worth noting that we have searched the application for this matter many times, you have seen many such applications, but the question on everyone’s mind is whether they are all good.

So, we’ve gone through them all and picked the best all-inclusive ones below.

  • Good customer review.
  • Excessive download.
  • Recommended on Google Play Store.
  • Does not take up much space on the phone.
  • Drops the phone.

As seen above, we focused on many things and finally selected this app and started recommending it on our website.

We have provided many more such applications, it is worth noting that there are more than 100 articles on our website, we remind you that you can visit it if you have time, so come and continue to travel through the article. Pinned Shortcuts is a simple, yet very useful app that I stumbled upon recently. This is a brand new app, launched last month. This app helps you minimize your home screen and if you like more customization, you might be interested

Pinned Shortcuts is a useful personalization app that helps you minimize your home screen. So, what exactly does it do? Well, it’s very simple, it allows you to create shortcuts within the app icon. You can have a shortcut app pinned to your home screen and assign up to 4 shortcuts to it.

By long-pressing an app’s icon, those shortcuts will pop up for you to access. If you choose to download an app called ‘Shortcut Maker’, you can basically supercharge this app. By using Shortcut Maker, you can create shortcuts to websites, documents, specific settings, and more. The app is brilliantly integrated with pinned shortcuts and if you want to use this app to its fullest, it’s not a bad idea to get it.

That’s basically what it does. Some of you may find this very useful. This helps minimize your home screen as you can fit four shortcuts into it without having to create a folder. Once the app is all set up, all you have to do to get it working is to long press the app icon in your app drawer and drag it to wherever you want it to sit on your home screen.

You can choose between light and dark modes in the app or allow it according to your computer settings. This app is completely free to use. You won’t see any ads inside or have any in-app purchases. We’ve included some official screenshots in the gallery below. If you are interested in checking out this app, tap on the link/button below. That link will redirect you to the app’s Play Store listing.