How to save WhatsApp Status videos, photos on Android….. very easy steps…. Just follow this….!!!

Today I will tell you how to download WhatsApp status on your mobile without any app? If you are using social media, you must know about WhatsApp. On this very popular site, people use WhatsApp to stay in touch with each other. In WhatsApp, you get many features like you can apply status on WhatsApp. Share your photos and videos.

It often happens to you that your friend shares some nice video or photo on his WhatsApp status and you like that photo and video so much that you want to share his photo and video on social media but you can’t because you can’t have that photo and video.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform today. With billions of monthly active users, it stands apart from all other messengers. We are posting many free tricks related to WhatsApp. Most of the WhatsApp users are trying to find a way to download status images and status videos of other users. There are applications that can perform this task. But today, I will show you a free trick to download whatsapp status without using any app.

Photos and videos shared by your friends on WhatsApp. You will repeatedly tell your friend to send me the WhatsApp status you shared, and then the saying will not go well. So now you don’t have to tell any friends. Because today I will tell you how to download any friend’s whatsapp status without app?

Free trick to download whatsapp status without app:

For this trick, all you need is a file manager, which all phones have. No app needed to download whatsapp status. Read the process below to find out how to download WhatsApp status without using any app.


  • Open any file manager on your phone.
  • Go to file manager settings.
  • Look for the option to show hidden files.
  • Now go to WhatsApp folder in your internal memory/SD card.

  • In the WhatsApp folder, open the folder called Media and in it you will find a folder called .Status (starts with a dot, indicating its a hidden folder).
  • Open the .Statuses folder and you can see all status images and status videos you have seen on whatsapp.
  • To download new status, open whatsapp and see the status of any contact, it will be saved in this path (WhatsApp -> Media -> .Statuses).