An easy way to see, if it’s switched off or on, even just a normal mobile….. Must try….. useful app…!!!!

Hi guys, I know you have come here to find out how to edit text messages on your Android phone. So today I am going to share this simple and amazing app with you. It has helped me many times to fool my friends and win fights with my dear little girlfriend. In my view, this app is a life saver.

SMS manager is a simple application that can edit existing SMS, add fake SMS to existing conversation, in simple words you can customize and edit any SMS message on your phone, of course you can edit SMS body, date and status of the message.

What are the main features?

When you open SMS Manager you will see an interface with 3 main features. The SMS editor feature is one of them and it allows you to customize and edit any SMS message on your Android phone.

  • SMS Ping
  • SMS editor
  • SMS Backup & Restore

How does SMS Manager work?

SMS Ping

Imagine your girlfriend has blocked your number so you can’t call her, but you want to know if her phone is online (active) or offline (phone off, airplane mode). You can use this Ping SMS feature to determine whether a phone number is online (active) or offline. All you have to do is type or select his number from contacts and hit ping. After that, it will show whether the phone is active or not. If the recipient’s phone is a smartphone it will not receive any notification or SMS message. This feature will ask SMS permission and it is necessary to send SMS silently.

SMS editor

This is the main feature you are looking for. As I mentioned earlier, it allows you to customize and edit any SMS message on your phone. First tap on SMS editor. It will then ask for permission to access your contacts, send and view SMS messages. No contact’s permission is required, it is only used to label phone numbers. But you need to allow permission requests for SMS messages to continue this process.

Before editing the SMS, the app will ask you to be the “Default SMS Handler”, accept this and it’s important to edit or back up and restore. After your edits are done, make sure to switch back to your default SMS app (Messages) by opening your SMS app and setting it to “Default SMS Handler”.
After switching back to your default SMS app, wait a few minutes to see your changes and your new fake SMS messages!

Backup and recovery

This feature allows you to backup and restore your SMS log. First, tap on Backup option to backup your messages. Next, select the conversation you want to backup and tap “Save Backup”. You can find all your backups in the “My Backups” section. This feature also allows you to share your backups.