If someone opens your WhatsApp without your permission….. you will get an error option like this….. Super app…. Must try….!!!

Mostly we use multiple screen lock method which lock only front part of mobile but do you know some people know our mobile screen lock, they may be your relatives, loved ones or your friends. More importantly, it takes your fingerprint sometimes even while sleeping to unlock and access information on the phone. It can happen without our knowledge, that is, without your knowledge.

So even if the screen lock on the front part of the phone is open, any application and photos inside can’t be seen, all should be locked individually, this is a good article for those who think it’s ok.

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  • Smart Protector – Protection
  • About this app
  • Need any apps, images or videos to protect yourself from others?
  • Smart Protector protects your privacy with strong app lock and media encryption.
  • Others don’t have easy access to secure apps and media even if they lose their phone.

App Lock Security: Security is strengthened by setting the security mode while running the application. Also, the app may appear to be malfunctioning by popping up bogus error messages.

Multiple Authentication Security: Multiple authentication methods can be used such as password, pattern and biometric authentication (requires mobile support).

Photo and Video Protection: Selected photos and videos from the gallery are encrypted and managed securely by Smart Protector.

Set screen brightness: You can adjust the screen brightness while running the app.

Keep screen on: You can keep the screen on while running apps.

Set Screen Orientation: While running the app, you can set the screen orientation to auto, portrait or landscape.

Remove protection function: Smart Protector can be set not to remove the application.

Support lock reset function if password is lost:

If you forget your password, you can reset it through the Reset Settings menu.
However, if the password is lost while using Smart Protector’s self-authentication, functionality will be limited.

Purpose of app permission to get approval before installation:

Storage Space (Optional): Permission to use the Media Lock function.

Device administrator (optional): Permission required when using Smart Protector uninstall prevention option.

How to install Smart Protector app?

The option to install this smart protector app on mobile is given in our article, when you follow it you can install this mobile smart protector app home page play store. Application as per policy.

How does the Android Smart Protector app work?

It helps you securely lock all the information on your phone, from apps to photos to documents, everything can be locked so that no one can access your phone.