To keep track of things you forget….. Use a reminder app like this one…. very useful….!!!!

When we are doing so many things everyday we miss some things. This means that we will have a lot of information to write on a certain date that needs to be done tomorrow or next month, and we cannot remember this from time to time. But if we miss this, this article will have a big problem and a lot of losses.

This can be done using your mobile for simple reminders, the main reason for using a mobile is to always have a mobile with you. A person who loses his mobile feels like he has lost half of his body.

That way we are going to do this by keeping a great note application on our phones that we always have with us, where we record our daily needs and tasks and it reminds us in advance. Apart from this, it also has additional features, all of which can be found in this article.

Not only that, our team also always opts for mobile applications from play store and there is a reason to make a policy and implement it for the benefit of play store users.

That’s why we choose it because it keeps only Android apps that follow the policy, removes apps that violate the policy and gives us the right advice.

Remarkably Simple Android Reminders: One place to create simple reminders and notes right in your notifications! Noterly lets you schedule notifications to appear on your device whenever you want, reminding you to take out the bins, make your bed and more.

To get started, open the app and tap the Create button. Add a title to your announcement and you’re done! If you want, you can add body and color to make your notifications more distinct.

Notice completed? To archive it, tap Mark Done on the notification itself or swipe the app.

Want to schedule a notification to appear at a specific time? It’s that simple! Easily change the scheduled option and choose the date and time that suits you!

How to show notification every day? Piece of cake! Switch the Recurring option to On, set the date and time it will first appear, and then choose how long the notification will repeat. You can fully customize it every hour, every 6 hours, every 2 days.

Note that repeated notifications will only return if marked as complete from the notification; So when you’re reminded, tap the button and it will repeat itself the next time you do it. Has it been reported repeatedly? Swipe in on the app to archive it.

Was the notification accidentally dismissed? No problem. Go to the archived page in the app and you will find a list of all your archived notifications. You tap one and then play it back to show it once more. Or, when you’re done with it, swipe it to delete it permanently.

How to install this simple android reminder app?

It is very easy for you to install this application, this application is given on the home page of play store, where you click on the install button, it will directly download to your mobile and then it will start working. The route to that area is given in our website article, which you will get as you travel further.

How does a simple Android reminder app work?

This mobile reminder app is a note app where you can save your important information and create more information in a personalized and beautiful format, it will help you to remind yourself in time for future needs.