How to enable second accounts on your phone….. using this tricks…. Try it…!!!

Using a second location is like having two devices or accounts on the same phone. While the first space is a typical ‘everything is here’ type space, the second space can be configured to have specific applications without too much data for a new clutter-free experience.

You can use this space if someone wants to use your phone or if your child is interested in using your phone and you don’t want the child to have access to everything. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what you need to set up and use ‘Second Space’. Also, don’t miss our “Recommended Smartphones” list of the best smartphones for every budget.

  • Go to Settings and click on the second location.
  • Click on ‘Enable Secondary’.
  • You are now viewing ‘Run second’.
  • When ready, you will see ‘Go to second space’.

To delete the second location, click on the ‘Back’ icon at the top right corner of this page, and after you confirm, the second location will be deleted.

What is the second place in Xiaomi phones and its features

Second Space is like having a folder/space completely away from your main phone’s storage. It is a completely different place on the phone where users can use different email IDs and protect data. Users also have the option to import data from Primary Space.

How to Enable and Set up Second Personal Space on Xiaomi Smartphones

  • Open the ‘Security’ app on your Xiaomi smartphone
  • Scroll down and tap on the ‘Second Space’ option
  • Tap the ‘Enable Secondary’ button
  • After successfully creating the screen, tap on ‘Continue’ from the bottom
  • On the next screen, choose how you want to access the second location — using a password or using a shortcut.
  • How to back up data stored in a second location

As already mentioned, Second Space works as a completely separate storage space and can be linked to separate Gmail or Xiaomi accounts from the main account. All data can be backed up from a second location using a linked email account or Xiaomi’s cloud backup service. You can also upload them to personal cloud platforms like OneDrive.
Alternatively, Xiaomi also gives users the option to move installed apps and contacts while deleting the second slot.