Don’t want your phone battery to drain fast?… Follow these tips….. very simple….!!!!!

Today’s smartphones are so powerful that they can easily replace laptops or desktops for routine office work, personal matters and entertainment. However, they lag behind computing devices in one aspect. You guessed it right! The battery that powers the device.

Although the smartphone can stay in standby mode for days, the battery drains while doing GPS, mobile internet, playing games, watching movies, etc. Today we are going to know some of the best battery saving tips in our mobiles and it helps to increase the battery life and we can use these tips to increase the battery life.

 Disable your Wi-Fi scanning:

As we all know most of the users are using mobile data too much, scanning is on without our permission and it means your mobile is scanning wifi, your wifi is turned off. So the battery starts draining

Steps 1: GO to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced Settings > Scanning Always Available —–“Disable”

Step 2: Disable your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning

As we all know, scanning is a huge battery drain and it reduces battery life and leads to user discomfort and lag.

Steps: Settings > Search Menu > Type “Scan” > You will get – Bluetooth , Wi-Fi Scan —–> “Off”

Step 3: Best Feature “App Freeze”

One of the best features developed by REALME is App Freeze and very important for all Realme users a By toggling this feature, enter idle mode and until you open apps or  unless you open the Apps.

Step 4: Optimize battery usage

This feature is useful for many users as it restricts apps from running or running in the background and it helps improve battery draining apps.

It has three settings:

1.AUTO OPTIMIZE: The system automatically optimizes its usage and reduces power consumption

2.Never Ask: This means it will never ask for optimization

3.Always Ask: When upgrading it, ask your permission to upgrade

Step 5: Most Important Feature “Process Manager”

This feature will help you remove running background apps and create apps to finish the app