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The following article provides an outline of a call blocker application. An application or software on smartphones that helps users block unwanted calls is called a call blocker application. It rejects unwanted calls that are blacklisted by the user. It blocks calls through a ring or without notifying the user. Thus it helps users to avoid spam calls and calls from telemarketing. Nowadays, the phone itself has a number blocking system. But here we have to go through each number and block them. The app blocks numbers automatically and doesn’t require much user intervention.

Applications of Call Blocker App

Below are the uses of call blocker app:

The telemarketing team always invites users to sell their products and get feedback on the product. This can be annoying as the user is not always ready to attend spam calls. In this case, call blocking apps help the user save time and prevent spam calls.

It can be annoying if messages become irrelevant. Some spam messages contain links that lead to virus and malware attacks that destroy phone memory and settings. This app also blocks spam messages.

Some unknown callers may trick users and may not reveal their identity. Caller ID of the application helps to identify people.

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist is an interesting application that allows you to define a blacklist but also whitelists the callers you want to call and then you can set the blocking mode based on your preference in the app. Calls can only be allowed from callers in your whitelist or from callers and contacts in your whitelist. It allows you to decide which way you want your calls delivered to you. It allows you to detect one-ring phone scams and block those calls without notifying you.

No more frustrations and worries: Block incoming calls and outgoing calls from unknown callers with the advanced call blocking system. Tired of annoying calls from telemarketing, spam, robocalls? Use this caller ID spam call blocker to blacklist & reject the calls you want to block.

Block Outgoing Calls: Unlike most call block & robocall blocker apps, Call Blocker blocks outgoing calls effectively. Our outgoing call blocking uses a security code, making it easy to manage outgoing calls for children, employees, and people with disabilities.

TRUE DO NOT TUNTURB APP: Blocked numbers will be silenced and blocked from ringing. If you ignore the calls with our spam call blocker for Android, they will delete your number permanently and won’t bother you anymore. Our robocall blocker can reject calls from any unknown numbers that are not in your contact list.

Easily practice smart call control of your nuisance call blacklist. Rejection If you want to make changes to the blacklist of unknown callers, you can easily remove the number or add it to your acceptance list. Stop unwanted calls easily!

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  • Block private and hidden numbers
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