Are you the only one who attends the calls to your mobile?….. This trick is for you…. try it….!!!!

All the incoming calls on the mobile click on call attend button and start talking, this thing can be done by everyone, even if the mobile is locked, other people can easily pick up the incoming calls, this is very mandatory because it is normal for us to lock the mobile, but it is locked, if someone calls us on the mobile phone, that Incoming calls can be picked up by anyone, so it is very important to keep the incoming call attend button locked. Please come and have some discussion and help on this.

The main purpose of creating a mobile phone is to communicate with everyone at the moment they think of it, i.e. to communicate with each other. Even so, a common man cannot act on his own. There are many applications, many ways to protect the mobile but everyone forgets to lock the incoming calls, first you need to lock the mobile isn’t it a made up thing?

Incoming call lock

You can get complete privacy for your incoming calls by setting your own password
Protect your incoming call with your fingerprint

Application lock

Protect your phone records, text messages, photos, video and more with WhatsApp and Facebook
Use your fingerprint to lock your favorite apps. Take a picture of an intruder: Is someone snooping on your phone? Couch gram will capture them for you.

Speed Booster (Memory Booster): Clean up your memory and speed up your device. “Speed up your phone with Booster”

Call Log Auto Delete: Want to hide your call logs? Register a contact to automatically delete call logs.

Incoming Call Wallpapers: Express your preferences by choosing unique incoming call wallpapers. Try to choose pictures that capture your favorite moments.

How to Install and Use Call Lock App?

Click on the link below to download the application.

You have the option to ask permission to install the app on the mobile.

Watch the video for more information.