Chrome for Android Update…. Adds Stylized Quote Cards Sharing Feature…. very useful…. try it….!!!!

Earlier this year, Chrome introduced the ability to create links that directly highlight a specific section of text. Google now wants Chrome users on Android to test (and create) “quote cards” that can be easily shared as images on your favorite social network.

In May, Chrome got a built-in screenshot editor for Android’s custom share menu. The latest tool is “Create Card” which users can access by selecting a paragraph and tapping “Share” on the resulting toolbar.

Once you click on that first option in the bottom row, a full screen interface will open. There are 10 card styles to swipe through: Classic, Freshly, Fresh, Powerful, Impactful, Lovely, Groovy, Monochrome, Bold and Dreamy.

Although the background, color and font are different, Google maintains the same general layout. The text appears at the top, followed by the URL and page name, with the Chrome logo in the lower right corner.

After tapping “Next” in the top-right corner, Chrome’s sharing menu will return, where you can pick up an installed app or copy. Selecting an app includes a link to a direct URL, while uploading to Google Photos is also an option.

Then these photos will be saved on your pages. You can send it to whoever you want. Otherwise, even if you want to update in WhatsApp-bill groups, you can do it. You can use this to share your favorite poems, favorite lines etc. Try using it.