No one should open your mobile without your permission?… Then try this app…!!!

If you want to give your phone to someone else, it’s a good idea to prevent them from opening your apps. WhatsApp, Gmail and image gallery may contain personal content that you want to keep. But fear not – you can protect important information from prying eyes with a feature called App Lock.

It won’t be surprising to know that your phone has a lot of important data stored on it. From contacts to passwords, this data can be very easily accessed if your device is not protected. Although most applications take advantage of some form of encryption, someone with the intention of taking what isn’t theirs can find some personal information in seconds.

Enabling a screen lock adds another roadblock for malicious intent to steal data. Most Android devices, including the Pixel, use biometric security to keep your device locked. Whether it’s face unlock or fingerprint scanning, it’s a good option to enable.

For example if you are talking on the phone with someone, the sensor will automatically detect when you bring your phone to your ear and turn off your mobile display and save your battery charge. A sensor helps a lot in such matters. However, this website article presents an opportunity to use it in a slightly different way.

That means you can increase your mobile security with that sensor. That means this article has the option to lock your phone securely. This is one of the best Play Store sensor screen lock app. However, please note that Play Store has the authority to continue providing this service and remove it, which is in the interest of users. Scroll down to see information related to Sensor Screen Lock app.

  • Open Settings on your device by swiping down once or twice and looking for the Settings cog.
  • In Settings, look for a setting called Lock screen or Security and tap on it.
  • On Samsung Galaxy devices, the setting is called the lock screen. On OnePlus devices, the setting is under Security and Lock Screen.

  • Look for an option to choose what type of unlock you want to set.
  • If using a Samsung Galaxy device, look for an option called Screen Lock Type. Here, you can choose whether you want to use face unlock or fingerprint unlock, depending on your device.
  • On a OnePlus device, the option to unlock fingerprint or face is on the Security & Lock screen.
  • After selecting your method, follow the rest of the on-screen steps.