3 Amazing Tricks that are very useful in Google Search….. Try it too….!!!!

Your browser has a standard Google search bar to help you discover the world around you. Think of it as a single window to the outside world. You can customize it to find information about your special interests and stay informed with personalized updates. You can get the same results with any Google search, but Google Apps makes it easier to control the gluttony out there.

Google Flip:

Google has a variety of services that serve as substitutes for real objects used to toss, settle disputes, make decisions, or play games. One of these was in an earlier review of Google Dice. Google Flip is a similar service that lets you flip a coin using Google Search. To flip a coin, type ‘flip a coin’ or simply, ‘flip coin’. It flips a coin in Google search.

To flip a coin one more time, you can click on flip again. You can continue flipping the coin as many times as you like. Using Google Flip is a fun way to play games, make quick decisions, or use something as simple as a quick Google search to determine the outcome. There are also options to flip coins of different colors. The website also gives a count of how many times coins have been used to flip.

Breathing Exercise:

A new Easter egg has been found in Google search results that guides users through a 1-minute breathing exercise. This feature appears when searching for terms like “breathing exercises” and “deep breathing.”

The exercise encourages the user to breathe in and out slowly for one minute while paying attention to the breath. In the upper right corner, there is a share button that you can use to send the workout to someone else. Maybe it’s a subtle way of telling them to be quiet for a minute.

Google Fidget Spinner:

Open Chrome or the Google Search app on your Android phone or iOS or on your desktop. Type Spinner in the search bar and tap Go. Search results will include news and articles about fidget spinners, but your own fidget spinner at the top of the results.

The Google Fidget Spinner has two faces; The usual three-pronged version you can buy in stores and online has a wheel divided into numbered sections. To switch between these two faces, tap the ‘Number’ switch at the top of the card. You can use your finger to spin the spinner or tap ‘Spin’ at the bottom of the card and it will start spinning automatically as you watch.