Take a Screenshot on Android By Tapping Back of the Phone…. very useful for Android user….!!!!

One of the best things about iOS 14 is the ability to use the Back Tap feature to take a screenshot by tapping the back of your phone. But what about Android users? Same results can be achieved but for that you need to install an app. Here’s how to take a screenshot by tapping the back of your Android phone.

Tap the screenshot on Android

Download and install the Tap Tap app from XDA Developers to get started. Note that since it doesn’t come from the Google Play Store, you’ll need to sideload it to work. It’s also worth noting that the Tap, Tap app is still in beta and may not work on every Android phone. For best results, use a Pixel 3 or higher device. But managed to get it working on OnePlus 6T without any problem.


To sideload the app, open a browser on your Android phone and go to this XDA Developers link. A notification will appear – tap on it to install the APK. You must grant permission to your browser to install applications from unknown sources.

Once you install Tap, Tap, you need to enable Access service which is disabled by default. Tap the notification and turn it on. Now it’s time to configure your screenshot gesture. Launch the app and tap “Double Tap Actions” or “Triple Tap Actions” from the menu, depending on how many times you need to tap the back of your phone to take a screenshot. For this example, I’ll choose double tap.

Next, tap the “Add Actions” button, then tap Actions again.

Now tap on the screenshot. Next, we need to make sure the action works as you want it to. Tap the “Add Requirements” button.

Now select “Display On” from the menu.

That’s it. Now if you double or triple tap on the back of your android phone it will take a screenshot. If you want to adjust the tap sensitivity, select “Gesture” from the main menu and move the sensitivity to a higher position.

Who says iOS gets all the love? With the Tap, Tap app for Android, you can get the same screenshot results by tapping the back of your phone and more.