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We have started buying mobiles with touch across mobile display, mobile works wherever you touch. Beautiful to look at and easy to use, this mobile causes us many difficulties. This means that our mobile display will turn on automatically when we give it to children by touching it unnecessarily, which may open some unnecessary options and cause some problems.

A great way to avoid this problem is to disable touch in this article, which is a small example of what happens if you give your phone to children. However, such things can bring us many problems. So, we should have an option to disable mobile display when we need it and that option is provided in this article. This is brought to you by the best touch disable application available on Google Play Store.

Have you ever been in a situation where you get irritated by accidental clicks while your phone is in your pocket? Are your kids making missteps by touching the different screens of your phone? Here is the key to all your problems in one place. Touch Paramete is useful for travelers, students, businesses (men/women), seniors and anyone with finger tremors. Screen and buttons.

This screen locker helps you to disable your mobile touch screen while listening to music or watching videos. Touch Protector is a touch-disable application to prevent unintended operations on the touchscreen.

When kids are using their phones and you are worried about your phone balance or important data, no need to worry anymore because lock screen app is here to help you. Toddler lock disables the kids screen while kids are watching cartoons or movies, they can’t back away from this on-screen to disturb your important things.

After these settings, you will see a small lock on top of your phone screen, click on that lock icon to prevent screen touch. To unlock touch screen double tap on UNLOCK icon appears on the screen with dim color effect and unlock touch screen pattern/pin lock/no.

Permissions: Touching Disable app requires permission to draw on top of other apps, by allowing this permission you will see a notification in the notification panel.

How to use Touch Disable app?

  • Install the Touch Disable app
  • Open the app
  • Click the START button
  • Select Unlock Option, Pattern/ Pin Lock/ None
  • Press the confirm button
  • Open the Draw on top of other apps option and grant permission
  • Now click on DONE button