If someone else opens your cell phone, a white door will appear like this….. How to do this?….. Let’s see…!!!

After buying the mobile you need to learn how to lock it, mobile will provide us with some lock methods for the mobile which you can lock it. However, apart from the daily use of baton lock, fingerprint lock, number, there are some ways that are different (special and secure) with some other methods, which help to lock in a special way (surprise the visitors). lock etc.

One such best Play Store Door Lock Screen application is given in this article which will give your phone the experience of having a big door and you can use the phone only by opening that door. Even better is the fact that this special door lock screen app is taken from Play Store. Please note that the information collected below is based on the date of publication of this article and may change in the future.

Cool Door Lock Screen: A cool door lock screen that is unique and useful, it has smart door lock screens to ensure phone security and privacy on your phone. This app helps users to prevent anyone from breaking their phones with cool door lock screen which is safe due to the presence of steel alloy material.

This app is a security lock app with unique door lock screen. Good fingerprint lock app & security app for amazing door lock screen available at the moment. Lock your phone with pattern lock and lock screen with this cool door lock screen with steel alloy door lock material. Customize lock screen wallpaper and fingerprint lock your phone for a useful and decent door lock screen. Download Cool Door Lock Screen: Unique and useful with this app lock download.

Download Cool Door Screen: Unique and useful and set fingerprint lock to protect your phone and get maximum security. Cool Door Lock Screen: Unique and Useful Features Cool, smart, steel alloy material, effective lock screens and screen lock design.

Users can improve phone security with few steps: In Cool Door Screen Lock, enable door lock through settings and set pattern lock to get maximum security and privacy of your phone. Cool Door Lock Screen – Unique and useful security lock app that is creatively designed to lock the screen for maximum security and privacy at the gate.

Cool Safe Door Screen: Unique and effective to bring complete privacy with a dignified door screen lock screen with unique screen lock design. It is an easy setup with a screen door design that provides ultimate protection against intruders. It is better than many other lock screen apps with beautiful graphics and patterns. It is a useful and decent phone lock with door screen lock which can be easily unlocked with pattern lock. Keep the most insecure breaches at the gate.

How to use:

  • Unlock Cool Door Screen Lock: Unique and useful on Android phone.
  • Enable Cold Door Safe Screen from your phone’s settings.
  • Choose from a different range of decent door screen wallpaper.
  • Set screen lock pattern to real lock screen.
  • Enable in-app lock.
  • The phone is fully protected with maximum protection.
  • Use the screen door pattern to unlock the phone.

Cool Door Lock Screen & Unique and Useful Features:

  • Cool, smart, useful and decent lock screen.
  • Steel alloy material screen lock design, which is hard to breach.
  • Easy screen door model lock system.
  • Cool Door Screen works offline.
  • Smart, useful and unique lock screen user interface.
  • Security is maximum and fully secure private mode.
  • Cool Safe Lock Door is completely free on Play Store.