How to increase your phone volume….. Mobile Volume 200% Increase…. super Android Tricks….!!!

Audio and media are an integral part of any Android smartphone. There are plenty of devices today that offer the best in terms of sound quality. But having said that, there are some smartphones in the market that don’t offer loud enough speakers for music or even come with headphones.

Although not every smartphone has it, it doesn’t hurt to head over to the Play Store to get an app that can significantly boost your smartphone’s audio quality. We are going to talk about the best volume booster app for Android that will help you get the best in terms of audio quality and performance. So without further ado, let’s take a look at these apps.

Volume Booster

This app gives users more control compared to regular volume booster apps. The user interface mimics a standard turntable with knobs that can be rotated to your liking. It also works as a custom equalizer, allowing you to boost the bass and other characteristics of your media. Naturally, increasing the volume is the primary feature here, which can be achieved with minimal effort.

What I personally love about this app is that it also works as a full-fledged music player, with all the equalizer options in the app. This makes it more accessible to users and serves as a viable alternative to music player applications available in the market.

The developer claims that you can increase the volume of your media by 30 – 40% using this app, which should be enough in most cases. If you want to boost your smartphone’s audio and also want a good music player at your disposal, you can get this app.

Easy volume booster

This app allows you to significantly increase the media and system volume, allowing you to hear clearly when someone calls you or you receive a notification. What sets it apart from other apps is that it uses a custom algorithm to combine with the Android system equalizer to significantly improve the sound.

There is a common perception that turning up the volume on your smartphone can damage the device, and the developers assure customers that this app won’t do that as it uses system volume and its own algorithm to increase device and media volume.

Naturally, the best volume booster for Android works with both speakers and headphones plugged in. You can also turn up your smartphone’s alarm volume to make sure you wake up on time for that important meeting. The UI is very simple to understand and has three icons for music, ringing sound and alarms, allowing you to make changes as you like. The app is free to download, though there are ads on the board. There are no in-app purchases here.