How to Hide Your Photos, Videos in safely…. Using these app…. It’s very safety….!!!!

Is it easy to find hidden photos and videos on your mobile phone no matter how much you hide them? The only relief in this matter is to hide your photos and videos from visibility. You can easily hide your private photos and videos with the Calendar Vault application that we use every day.

Nowadays, everything in mobile functions like half of our body, where we store all our relevant information. That being the case, sometimes we have to put down the phone while taking a bath or doing some other work, and then our relatives and friends try to pick up the phone and check things about us.

Then if we use any photo or video hiding application they will ask for its password. But if we don’t know if we are hidden then there will be no chance to ask password. Yes, this Calendar Vault application is a great Calendar Vault – Private Photo Vault application, you will get a chance to download this application below. Also, this application is available on Google Play Store, which means you don’t need to worry about your security as it is on the official website, so you can use this application clearly.

Add photos from the library or take a new picture or take a selfie. Calendar Vault – Personal photo vault is password-protected, so no one else can access photos or videos, just you. Media Locker Pro: A powerful and free way to protect your private photos and videos in Calendar Lock. It’s easy to use, offers multiple optional levels of security, and integrates smartly with the apps you already have.

Keep your photos and videos safe and secure from your friends and family. Add photos from your library or capture directly through the app. Calendar Vault – Private Photo Vault is password protected so no one can access your videos or photos! All you need is a photo locker to hide your private photos on your Android device. Very easy to use and maintain your privacy, Photo Locker protects your private photos and prevents them from getting into your gallery.

How to use it?

First download this app from Google Play Store using the link in the article.

You can create fingerprint, number lock etc. to hide your photos videos in the normal calendar app that appears in front of you.

No one will know that you are hiding photos and videos on your phone anymore.