How to hide apps or photos on Android smartphones….. super app for youngers….. Try this app…!!!!

It is everyone’s nature to want to hide your important photos and videos from others, because it is not wrong to think that some secret photos should not be shown to others, because some things should not be shared with others, it is personal secret, and it is better to keep it secret. It not only gives you a great opportunity to hide all the photos and videos stored on your phone, but you can also hide what you have hidden from anyone else, find out that special dialer lock app information.

Most of the photos taken on mobile nowadays, when some relatives share photos with friends, all these are stored in the mobile, important photos are also likely to be exposed voluntarily, and we cannot delete the photos we want to avoid. We have to hide it and protect it, that’s the best way.

It’s like a typewriter you use to make calls to others, but when you set a specific password, it’s like a secret box on the back where you can hide your important photos and videos. And while we are looking to recommend a best app, we have selected this app from Play Store and provided you with all the related information clearly below, so read it and download after reading clearly.

Taylor Lock is a fantastic privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos and other files. You don’t want others to see.

  • Dailer Lock hides its app icon and keeps your privacy safe. You can import your personal pictures and videos
  • Inside this safe vault, no one knows its existence. Also, GalleryVault has a beautiful design,
  • It gives you smooth and amazing media browsing experience.

Highlight Taylor lock features

  • Hide photos, hide videos and hide any other type of files.
  • All hidden files are encrypted.
  • Fast and smooth dialer.
  • Extra lightweight dialer.
  • Smart T9 Algorithm to Search Contact Form I Dialer
  • Call/text someone directly with one click
  • View my recent connected and missed calls
  • Add or remove a favorite list
  • Speed dial.
  • Backup Pattern Unlock.
  • Beautiful themes for calculator and app lock screen.
  • Latest material design with easy to use interface.
  • Fake pin to display fake content
  • Dial the number as a passcode and press the call button to enter the secret location on your phone

Intruder Selfie (Back in Alerts): Intruder Selfie (Back in Alerts) allows you to easily see who has tried to unlock your device without authentication or entering a wrong PIN.

Fingerprint Recognition: Fingerprint recognition lets you enter the vault without the need to enter a password on supported devices.

Uninstall Protection: Uninstall Protection prevents this app from being uninstalled and protecting photos, videos and files.