How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text….. Using this app….. Very useful…..!!!!

Want to convert voice messages on WhatsApp into readable text? Well, with a simple trick you can read the voice message as a text message with an app called Transcriber for WhatsApp. So, you no longer have to put on your earphones when someone sends you a voice message.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger for smartphone users around the world and it claims to have more than 1 billion users worldwide and has somehow replaced the conventional way of texting with features like free texts, voice and video calls.

And, apart from those features, it is updated day by day and brings new useful features to help users communicate better. Among these features is the ability to send voice messages, which is important when typing is difficult. Also, sometimes, especially when you are in a public place or in a crowd, it can’t be heard. If so, here’s an app to save you from the situation. It converts voice messages into readable text, let’s find out how!

How to convert voice messages to text on WhatsApp?

First, go to the Google Play Store on your Android phone and download the ‘Transcriber for WhatsApp’ app. Now, launch the app and you will see a welcome page and some instructions on how it works.  Once you’re done with the cards, you’ll land on the app’s settings page, which is a single screen. Here you can change the settings of the application according to your needs.

You can select options such as the language in which you want to convert the voice messages. Also, choose whether to select a language, detect default language, alternate quality, etc. before each conversion.

Now, open WhatsApp and go to the chat that contains the voice message you want to change. Tap and hold the voice message and tap the share icon at the top. Here, select Transcriber from the list of options. Transcriber app converts voice message into readable text.

Also, if you enable the quick output feature in the app’s settings, you can convert voice messages to text by tapping the play button on the voice message.

At the moment, Transcriber supports some popular languages like English, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla and some foreign languages like Deutsch, Portuguese and support for more languages will be added soon.