How to Change the Caller Screen on Android…. Best Calling Screen…. Must try….!!!

Photo Caller Screen Dialer Apk Replace your full screen caller id with new full screen caller image and enjoy new caller id changer when calls are coming on your phone. Once you install the app, it’s very easy to set up all the configurations you want. You have different panels where you can choose what to display and how to display it.

In this post, we will tell you about the best call screen app for Android. With the help of this app, you can get rid of your old call screen and replace it with a new photo call screen.
Install it on your android phone and then your phone will ask you “how did you do” because now you have same screen dialer even win android phone. If you want to change the calling screen app given in this post you can also download it.

Why Change Call Screen?

If you want someone’s full-screen photo to appear on your call screen, all you have to do is download an app and set it up on your device. Accordingly, you can put different photos on all people’s mobile number and once they call you or you call them, you will know the full size photo of that person. If you want, you can also set a personalized ringtone, and to do all this work, you need to download the free app “Photo Caller Screen Dialer”. But before that you need to learn how to download this app.

How to add full size photo on call screen?

To make this work, first you need to have photos of people whose photo you want to put on your call screen, for this you don’t need to call or message each person and ask for their photo.

You can also take all those photos from their WhatsApp profile, now let’s see how to use this app to put their photos on everyone’s mobile number.

Step 1:- First open this “Photo Caller Screen Dialer” app on your mobile.

Step 2:- This app will ask some necessary permissions from you and with its help it will manage all the communication from your mobile.

Step 3:- Now it will ask some grant permission like this so that it will install instead of your old dialer.

Step 4:- Select the mobile number contact where you want to put the photo and click on edit contact and then click on which photo you want to put. Paste that photo and save the contact.

Step 5:- This way you can put a photo on each contact and then when you call them or they call you, their photo will be visible at that time.

After this, if you want to change the call style, that too is possible with the help of this app. For that you go to the settings of this app and click on Call Style and some styles are given according to your choice. Anyone can set it up.