Do you want to lock all the apps in your phone?…. Use this application….. It will be very useful…!!!

As one of the most used and popular devices in the world, its safety is paramount. Some important details that our forefathers kept under lock and key in their homes can now be found on one’s smartphone. Hence, maximum security is required to keep the smartphone safe. To do this job effectively, KEEP LOCK is the best app for your smartphone.

What is KeepLock Android App?

The most common need in today’s world is security with security. People in the past did not move around like they do today. A village where their daily activities were limited to human settlement. Security and safety limited to lock and key. Personal details were written in exercise books, diaries, table drawers, valuables like cameras, jewellery, etc., and locked in almirah drawers. Things have changed drastically since this era began.

People travel across many seas and borders. Villages have become big cities. In this environment the world today has become a global city with many types of people of different nationalities. With the rapid development of technology since the early 19th century, there have come many devices that people can use in their official work or for personal use.

It is not an exaggeration to say that smartphone plays an important and dominant role in one’s life. To say that a smartphone is at the center of many important areas related to its users is the best way to describe it. Therefore, it is necessary to protect it. One of the best tools to help you with this problem is KeepLock Android app, a good and cool app mentioned above.

Features of KeepLock Android App

Lock all private installations like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messages, Email, Photo gallery etc. Choose a unique locking option provided by password, fingerprint or unique pattern. Frequently and daily used messaging, email, contacts apps lock them with App Lock feature. Hide all those private and confidential photos and videos from public gallery with Photos and Video Vault feature.

There is no chance of unauthorized intrusions into the smartphone. Any such attempts are caught by the Intruder Snapshot feature. Even the KEEPLOCK app icon can be disguised by creating a fake calculator so that no one will know that the KEEPLOCK app is installed on the smartphone. This can be done with the fake icon feature. Lock the smartphone completely with system lock and no app data will be deleted without user’s permission.

With all these well-designed features, all-round protection is guaranteed to keep the smartphone safe. Show your smartphone the respect it deserves by installing KeepLock with many great features to make your life easier and better.