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WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media messaging services in the market. It has a huge following around the world and continues to be a popular choice among users despite many controversies in the past. The Facebook-owned platform is not only known for its ease of use and user-friendly UI, but is also a preferred option for offering a variety of interesting features like free voice calling, video calling, group chats, in-chat etc. Payment feature and more. Due to the variety of offers, the app is very addictive like any other social media platform.

However, WhatsApp does not come with an in-built tracker that helps you track the total time you spend on the service. While this may not seem like an essential feature for most people, some users may want to track their overall WhatsApp usage and the time they spend on the service. You can opt for third-party tools that help you get complete details about your WhatsApp application.

App Usage Analytics Tracker for WhatsApp

There is a mobile app called App Usage Analysis Tracker for WhatsApp which can be used to track your daily activities on the instant messaging platform. It describes itself as a platform where users can track their complete WhatsApp usage. App usage analytics tracking provides details about when users were last seen online along with daily usage. This includes the total time you spent on the platform. Interestingly, you can also get reports of previous days along with statistics.

People can use App Usage Analytics Tracker for WhatsApp to get usage data for all other apps installed on their smartphones. It also sends users instant notifications about their usage analytics.

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