With the help of this app….. you can lock personal chats….. Very useful for you….!!!!

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about how to lock WhatsApp chat. Just like you are chatting with a friend on WhatsApp or chatting with your girlfriend, you want to keep that chat secure. So the app we are going to tell you today, you can keep your private chat safe very easily with the help of this app. Apart from this you can also lock your private chat.

You all must use WhatsApp. Many people use WhatsApp to stay in touch with each other. You are talking to someone on WhatsApp. You think my chat is not secure. If someone reads your chat, today I will tell you about an app. With the help of this app, you can put a lock on your private chat and no one can read your chat.

You are talking with someone on WhatsApp and want to lock your private chat. So you can use a very strong lock. No one can open your chat or read your chat. So if you want to use this app and want to lock your private chat on WhatsApp then you must download this app. Let us tell you step by step about this app in full detail. You can use this app very easily and keep your private chat safe.

How to Download this Locker for Whats Chat App:

If you want to download this app first go to play store and write the name of this app then you will get it.

How to use this app?

  • If you want to use this app then follow the steps given below.
  • First, install and open this app.
  • After that, you need to enter a 4-digit password.
  • After that, you need to grant some permissions through Skip.

  • Tap on the Enabled option and enable the access option for the chat lock app.
  • A plus (+) icon will appear below. Click on it and enter the password and select the chat you want to lock.
  • When you select a chat, it will be added to the app and this chat will be locked.
  • When you open WhatsApp, the chat you locked it will open. Then you will be prompted for a password and you will enter the password. Then you can talk very easily.