On your phone home screen….. add voice lock option….. no one can touch your phone….. try it…!!!!

Hello friends, welcome to today’s article. Friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about an amazing lock screen app. Whose name is the voice lock screen app? Voice lock screen app is very imaging and latest android app. With this app you can put voice lock on your phone.

Friends, if you are bored with the old lock screen, then in today’s article we are going to tell you about the latest and most amazing Android lock screen app. What is a voice lock screen app that means you can lock the screen by saying your name?

Not only this, if you have a girlfriend, you love her a lot and want to impress your girlfriend, you can lock your phone with your girlfriend’s name. With the help of this app. This will help you especially while driving, as you can say your name and unlock the lock without touching your phone.

  • Best feature of voice lock screen app.
  • Unlock your phone’s lock screen by saying your name.
  • Install voice lock on your phone for free.
  • Unlock your mobile by saying your girlfriend’s name.
  • Say your name and unlock the phone without touching the phone.

How to download voice lock app?

If you want to download this app on your phone for free.

This smart voice lock screen works with your voice commands, making your phone unique from others. Keypad lock screen mode with this app. !

In case you do. You do not want or cannot let others know about your “Voice Password”. Unlock using your phone. Voice commands or voice password to unlock. Then don’t bother. You are yours. The phone will be permanently locked. You can use the Alternate Pin Code option to unlock your smartphone.

What’s inside this voice lock screen

Turn on the voice. Lock the screen with a single tap.

Enhance security by using home key options provided in the setting.

5 different HD backgrounds. Themes are available to change.

Set your B. Own any type of voice password.

If the voice password doesn’t work you can set a numeric password.

User friendly and best voice unlocker

Date and show. Screen time.

Change the color of time and date.

Change the font style. To make your voice lock screen more attractive.