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WhatsApp application is very popular, however many people are trying to get some help from it, so this is designed as a great website article to help with such things. So if you are one of the searchers then this website article will definitely help you in which you will find the best WhatsApp assistant.

WhatsApp is a great application developed by Facebook which is used by people all over the world and comes with WhatsApp when buying a mobile. We can’t see any person who doesn’t have a WhatsApp account with such a unique performance that the WhatsApp application has captivated people’s hearts. So people are using other WhatsApp assistant apps which can provide some needed help to this app and in that way we have included the best WhatsApp assistant app which can help you in this web article.

WhatsApp comes when you buy a mobile, even if you don’t have WhatsApp on your mobile, this social networking site WhatsApp has become popular as a platform for everyone to share information, so that no one can see it unless they have an account on WhatsApp. Although there are many features, people use some WhatsApp assistant apps to meet their needs and come with some options, even though WhatsApp doesn’t recommend such things, people do it for their own needs. On a voluntary basis. You can also find similar applications on websites like Play Store.

Looking for an awesome WhatsApp status downloader? Want to download and save statuses from GB and Business Whatsapp? WhatsAssist – Status Saver Image & Video Downloader app can be downloaded for free. The perfect status saver app for WhatsApp 2019 is now ready for you!

WhatsAssist – Status Saver Image & Video Downloader is one of the best WhatsApp status savers with great graphics and nice interface design. This WhatsApp status downloader integrates images and video and gives you the opportunity to share statuses with your contacts for an amazing experience. Discover our WhatsApp status saver gallery now and start saving your favorite statuses instantly.

If you love WhatsApp statuses and need an awesome WhatsApp status saver app, then WhatsAssist is the best app for you! It has various features that enhance your experience. Instantly save statuses with dedicated slots for videos and images, download stories from GB and Business WhatsApp, save and share multiple statuses with one click, use built-in video player for videos and easily view recently saved status stories. Our goal is to provide everything you need to save and share your WhatsApp stories with ease. Enjoy using our WhatsApp status saver app now and never miss any story.

Main feature

  • Free & easy to use
  • Save positions instantly with a single tap
  • Save from WhatsApp Business and GB levels
  • User friendly design
  • Mark and save multiple WhatsApp stories at once
  • Save all levels with one click
  • The application offers a built-in media player
  • View WhatsApp stories in full screen
  • Dedicated spaces for videos and images
  • Swipe to see next level
  • View recently saved status stories


Status Saver Image & Video Downloader is a new refresh in this popular category of apps. If you want to save and share WhatsApp statuses, you will love the WhatsAssist app.

Downloading the application?

Below we have provided an opportunity to download the application.

While installing this application on mobile, it will ask you for permission to do its work, but note that it must be granted on your mobile.

It is important to note that if everything is done correctly, your WhatsApp status videos, TP etc. can be hidden from others and only the people you want can see it.