How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos on Android….. very easy…..! this option is available in your phone….!!!!

WhatsApp does not provide a direct way to share WhatsApp Status AKA Stories. What if you like someone’s status and want to share it with your friends? For that, you need to download and save the image or video from the WhatsApp status in your phone’s gallery. Fortunately, you can download WhatsApp status in four ways. Let’s check the methods.

How to save whatsapp status

No other person will be notified when you download WhatsApp status photo or video using any method. However, if read receipts are enabled, they will know that you have viewed the status.

1. Take a screenshot

One of the easiest ways to save an image from a WhatsApp status is to take a screenshot. This is possible without downloading an additional app as both Android and iPhone support the screenshot feature. To take a screenshot, press the Power and Home button or the Power and Volume Down button at the same time.

2. View WhatsApp status in File manager  (Android).

Interestingly, WhatsApp will automatically download the status images and videos you’ve viewed in the last 24 hours to your phone’s File manager. So you don’t need any third party app. However, the folder where WhatsApp status media files are saved is hidden by default. You have to make it visible first. Here are the detailed steps to save WhatsApp status in your phone gallery on Android phone

1. Open File manager app on your phone. I use the Files by Google app. It is a free app with user-friendly interface and no ads.

2. In the Google Files app, tap the triple bar to open the menu. Select Settings.

3. Enable the toggle next to Show hidden files. If you’re using any other file explorer app, look for the same setting that lets you see hidden files.

You only need to do the above three steps once. If you have enabled hidden files, you can directly download WhatsApp status using the following steps.

4. Launch WhatsApp and open the status you want to download.

5. Open the Files app and navigate to the WhatsApp folder. You can find it under Internal Storage > WhatsApp. Don’t worry if WhatsApp folder is missing in internal storage. Go to Internal Storage > Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp.

6. Tap the Media folder and navigate to the .Statuses folder. You will notice that the color of the .Statuses folder is slightly different since it is a hidden folder.

7. Inside the .Statuses folder, you will see the recently viewed status in the last 24 hours. Open it to view any photo or video.