How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Android…. Using these app…. very simple….. try it….!!!!

Have you accidentally deleted your important message from your Android phone and trying to recover it? Then this post is for you. Unlike Gmail and WhatsApp, where deleted emails and messages can be restored from a pin or backup, it is difficult to recover deleted messages from the default Android messaging app. This is because Android does not provide a native recycle bin or backup feature. This article will discuss some methods and tips to help you recover deleted text messages on Android smartphone along with some tips to prevent it from happening again.

Recover deleted text messages on Android smartphone

Recovering deleted text messages on Android smartphone is a very tricky task. Whenever you delete a message, it’s marked as overwritten by new data, and it’s nearly impossible to recover. If you realize such a mistake, immediately switch your phone to airplane mode until you find a way to recover the message (data). You should also avoid using the camera and other applications that may generate new data. Settings for enabling “Airplane Mode” may vary from device to device.

Restore messages and photos with Google Backup

If you have previously activated Google Drive backup on your Android smartphone, the backup may contain your deleted text messages and photos. Follow the steps mentioned below to restore your backup on Google Drive:

Launch Google Drive on your smartphone.
Click on the menu icon (three lines) available in the top left corner.
Select the “Backups” option.
Now, check if your message is backed up.

Thinking about retrieving such messages may be a personal choice, for example, it may be a matter of importance to someone and there may be a situation where he needs to use some application due to the high demand for it. Deleted messages recovery app to view deleted message. There are many apps to recover deleted but we will always show Google recommended Play Store apps in the article.

So in this article we have included one of the best deleted messages recovery apps available on Play Store. This app should see all your deleted messages. So, the information about this application is also included below and all the information is collected based on the news of this article. All deleted messages recovery app waits for each message in the notification bar and saves them. The app will notify you if it finds any deleted messages from WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Messenger and Line. All deleted messages, images and videos Messenger chat recovery, Line messages recovered, Telegram messages recovered. Enjoy the best app usage with many enhanced features.

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How to recover deleted messages, recover data usage

Recover All Deleted Messages is a very easy application to recover text and all media. You must allow the app to recover deleted messages. To open the app, you will have four modules (WA, Messenger, Line and Telegram). Click on the one you want to retrieve messages from. In these four volumes, there are separate folders for all media connections. Here you can get an opportunity to install this deleted messages recovery app and then you can go to play store to install and use it.