How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android….. Try this tricks….. very useful for you….!!!!

Android hides some files and folders from the user to prevent changes. These are important files capable of extracting your smartphone. Although changing hidden files and folders is not recommended, if you are a technical or pro user, you may want to change them regardless of the consequences.

Even if you don’t want to change system files, you may want to view them to clean the junk from your smartphone. You can easily view hidden files on Android to clean up app leftovers.

Best Ways to View Hidden Files and Folders on Android
So, if you are interested in viewing hidden files and folders on Android, this guide will be very useful for you. Below, we have shared some best ways to view hidden files and folders on Android device. Let’s check.

Using the default file explorer

The default file explorer of Android operating system is very useful and it shows hidden folders. There are some Android file manager apps on the Google Play Store that show hidden files, but modern smartphones offer users the option to view hidden files. Here’s what you need to do.

1. First, open the app drawer and then open file explorer or file manager.

2. Now, tap the three dots in File Explorer and select ‘Settings’.

3. On the next page, find and enable the Show hidden files option.

That’s it! Now you can view hidden files with default file explorer. If your phone doesn’t have the option to show hidden files, you can follow the next methods.