Do you want to lock your mobile phone so that no one can open it?….. Just do this steps….. Very easy…!!!

In today’s age, kids to adults are addicted to mobile phones and sometimes we think there is no way to stop it. Even then, the mobile can’t be put away completely because it starts working too much and using the mobile at unnecessary moments can be dangerous. It can be prevented: it is also useful for our children’s future, and you are going to see the best opportunity to help in this matter, which is the Google Play Store Android Procrastination Blocker app.

  • The best smartphone addiction
  • Android Procrastination Blocker
  • Temporary postponement of the lockdown
  • View history for study sessions
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications
  • Take a digital detox!

The best smartphone addictive app is available through play store and the information taken from there is also given in this website grid and you will have a chance to see it clearly.

Important: In the interest of users that the Google Play Store only hosts policy-compliant apps and automatically removes harmful apps in the future, we recommend that you go to the Play Store to download all apps.

What are the key features of Detox Procrastination Blocker?

With Detox Lock, you can fight procrastination, reduce your smartphone’s distractions and triggers, and boost your productivity. To do this, the app provides several tools that temporarily block access to certain applications on your device. Detox Lock is very popular and famous because it doesn’t give access to some locked apps even after restarting the device! The free version of Detox Lock allows you to lock apps for up to 11 hours and gives you the option to view a detailed history of your phone usage.

Android Procrastination Blocker: Avoid procrastination and distractions, increase self-control, and focus on digital detox! – A focus app for recovering procrastinators. Like any normal person, you have probably struggled with a combination of procrastination and smartphone addiction at some point. Things have changed for better and worse in the past few years as smartphones have made a huge impact on society. Access to anything is at your fingertips, but this makes it difficult to focus or maintain self-control.

Do you have problems with self-control? Do you want to focus? Would you consider yourself a big procrastinator?

That’s why we created this app – to help you control procrastination and distractions and stay focused. Detox is a timer designed to prevent unnecessary scrolling on your phone. It can also be used as a way to give yourself a digital detox. As a bonus, the app even has an uninstaller! You can also view your session history from the History screen. Once you start a timer session, it will check your app at that time and prevent you from being distracted by other apps. Starting a digital detox is simple:

  • Start the app.
  • Choose time with choosers.
  • Press the padlock-shaped icon to confirm.
  • Study away without procrastination and distractions.